Now You Found The Property You Want To Purchase~
To Complete The Sale You Must Have Funds Or Loan Approval.
Are you Purchasing With Cash? That Is Usually The Quickest & Easiest Means Of Purchasing. Is Your Sale Going To Be Financed?
If So Hopefully Before You Went Looking For Properties You Got Your Pre-Approval & Are Now A Ready & Able Buyer, Knowing Your Pre-approved Limit, Your Type Of Finance, Interest Rate, ETC. You Needed To Know What Financing Options Both You & Your Property Qualify For. There Are a Lot Of Great Financing Methods Available- But Do You Qualify For Them/Does The Property Meet The Requirements Needed For Those Loans?? 
If The Property Needs A Lot Of Repairs That Doesn’t Necessary Mean That Property Is Out Of Reach For You. It May Be That You Will Have To Go With Other Financing That Requires Some Or More Down. Most Of The In House Loans Actually Have Lower Closing Costs -These Loans May Be A Good Choice For You. Just Remember It Is So Much Better To Have Your Financing Approvals Before You Start Your Home Search. Real Estate Inventories Are Low-Don’t Get Tangled In Seeking Loan Approval AFTER You Find That Property- You May Just Miss Out On The Property You Just Looked At. It Happens, You Don’t Want It To Happen To You.