We All Know Inventories Of Properties  On The Market Are Limited At This Time (Sellers Market).

So What’s A Buyer To Do To Increase
Their Chances Of Being THAT Buyer Who Can Purchase Their Dream Home TODAY???

Be a Prepared, Willing, Able Buyer NOW- Gone Are the Days When You Decide You Are Ready For A Home And Go Out & View What Properties Are Available-You Do This Today & You May Lose Out On That Dream Home Tomorrow.

Instead: Get Your Finances In Line, Check Out The Different Types Of Loans You May Qualify For-Most IMPORTANTLY Get PREAPPROVED Know How Much You Are Qualified For, What Interest Rate You Will Get & Your Monthly House Payment
A Lot Of Sellers Require Buyers Be PREAPPROVED Prior To LOoking At Offers. I Want My Buyers To Get The HOMES They Desire & Preapproved- It Just Makes Buyers In A Better Position To Know Just What They Can Afford. Limited Properties Out There Do What You Can To Be Ready Once You Find That HOME!

This is the Seller’s Market-So you may want to reconsider making those low offers on a property you really want. If the seller does not just reject the offer, if they are negotiating on the price with you-you are leaving the window open for those buyers with higher offers.
Again being a prepared and qualified buyer is the KEY.

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